WIDE Technical Translations is responsible for helping you break the language barrier and get your message across, facilitating communication between different audiences.


WIDE Technical Translations offers great support in translation for the current market; after all, today there are numerous needs for translation of content for individual and legal entities.

We offer a broad portfolio of services aiming to meet the needs of each specific customer, and all our employees are committed to the purpose of delivering the best services.

Accuracy, careful revision, agility in delivery and sophisticated service, make WIDE Technical Translations a reference company in the translations industry.

We have a large and qualified team of translators, preparing us to meet the different needs that are presented to us daily by our customers. Currently, we have specialized and native translators working with us, with expertise in more than 30 languages. Additionally, we have translators with knowledge in the most diverse areas of activity.

WIDE Technical Translations collects expressive success cases in translations of the most diverse segments and languages, offering multilingual services to a wide range of customers.

WIDE's job is to meet the needs of each of its customers. We also guarantee the confidentiality and protection of your files, as well as offering an excellent translation service with exclusive and sophisticated customer care.


Our team works focused on the customer daily. We identify their needs and, with agility and always focusing on service quality, we manage our demands. We are also concerned about maintaining a close relationship with our customers, seeking to build and maintain long-term relationships for satisfactory results.


Here at Wide Technical Translations we have a team dedicated to customer care. The team is prepared to meet needs and explain details on how our services work.

Our team has been trained to understand the customers and to provide all the attention needed for each demand requested.


The focus of WIDE Technical Translations is to offer trust, quality and agility, by proposing an efficient way of communication between our customers and their recipients, surpassing their expectations regarding the multilingual market view.


WIDE Technical Translations builds relationships based on trust that is deposited in its services on a daily basis. Our relationships with customers are transparent and long lasting, and this a factor that the company always values and places first.

It aims to exclusively fulfill the orders of each customer, by offering an extensive range of translation services carried out by a motivated and efficient team that works with the intention of exceeding expectations.


The values of WIDE Technical Translations are based on disseminating quality and agility in the translation industry, which is growing and becoming increasingly competitive, so we carefully select our translators, interpreters and revisers who are responsible for offering the best works of the translation market. Our values consist of:

Offering a high level of integrity and confidentiality.

Preserving integrity and ethics.

Constantly investing in team-building, to ensure excellence.

Building and maintaining relationships with our customers.

Inspiring more and more trust, integrity, quality and respect in the works offered, ensuring the protection and confidentiality of the customers' files.