WIDE Technical Translations offers a combination of quality, agility and safety for your company. Our competitive differentials consist in proving that we are the best choice in professional translations.

Linguistic adequacy

Linguistic adequacy is the ability to conform to linguistic standards, considering the different types of audience.

It is also related to cultural adaptation, using specific or technical vocabulary. Besides, the linguistic adequacy makes the content understandable to the reader, since it is used in texts of specific subjects, allowing the message to be transmitted more clearly to the receptors.

Some linguistic adequacies are previously selected by the customer, and because of this they must be followed according to the request, to maintain the originality.

For each moment, there is a more adequate way of expressing, even in written or spoken form, and for each of these moments WIDE Technical Translations takes into account the broad knowledge of specialized linguists to convey messages efficiently.

We have professionals from the most diverse subjects, prepared to translate and express themselves according to the demands that our customers make, and for each case we analyze the best translator/interpreter that will more assertively fulfill the customer's needs


The image of a company is the representation assimilated to the image of a common citizen, and exactly as in the personal image, generally the first impression counts. When a bad impression is made, it is very difficult to reverse the opinion of the consumer.

One of the competitive differentials of WIDE Technical Translations is to ensure to its customers the information confidentiality of in their translation projects, preserving their image in the highest possible level.

WIDE works to exceed expectations, in order to capture its customers based on the excellence of the translations we offer and the protection of their documents, ensuring practicality, agility, dedication and secrecy in everything we do.

WIDE Technical Translations ensures the protection of your image, regardless of the type of file that you send.

We cultivate trust-based relationships and maintain secrecy, so your company’s documents and image are always protected.


Our professionals WIDE Technical Translations have different areas of practice to work in the best way possible.

These professionals were chosen exclusively for the position they occupy, performing their work in a way to understand and meet the most different demands. WIDE’s employees share different experiences, knowledge and information every day, and are constantly in contact with customers so that their services are delivered quickly and with the expected quality.

The employees of WIDE Technical Translations have wide experience in the subject that they work with, and act aiming at customer satisfaction, offering excellence in the work they carry out.

Our team has an excellent structure to better meet your needs, so we have translators and revisers, as well as all the other important areas that we have, which are dedicated to guarantee the quality of the offered services.


One of the main differentials of WIDE Technical Translations is the safety, directly related to the protection of information provided by the customer. We do this in order to preserve the value that this information has for our customers, preserving the image of their company.

WIDE’s essence is to maintain confidentiality with the information of the customers, regardless of the content that will be translated.

Trust is our base, and what most differs us from other companies in the translation services market. We guarantee the protection of all documents that are entrusted to us through privacy policies and absolute secrecy of information that is sent to our company.

Please note that with, WIDE Technical Translations, your files will be safe and secure from any type of situation that threatens the confidentiality of your information.