How long does it take for the translations to be complete?

Translation deadlines vary according to the size and complexity of the files, when the customer contacts us we can offer an estimate of the time that the project can take to complete. But it is important to remember that translations may take even longer when they require more than one language or more rare languages, since there is a limited number of translators for a certain language.

Are there any dangers in using machine translation?

Yes, there are. Machine translation is very useful when a person needs to have a basic idea of what the message is transmitting. In the most serious cases for professional translations with technical writing, the best option is to hire a professional who offers a reliable service.

Does your company employ native translators? Do they revise the requested content?

Yes, we do, and all of our translators are capable of translating and identifying possible language or double meaning mistakes in the translations requested of them. Additionally, our translators do their best to understand the linguistic preferences and style of each customer.

How much will my translation cost?

The value of each translation, as well as the deadlines, varies according to the complexity and size of the files. However, WIDE is very flexible regarding the needs of its customers.

Can you explain how the price calculation is made for each file?

Our company counts words, and the total is calculated on a unitary price for 140 words, so the higher the number of words, the higher the amount charged.

Do you perform file editing?

Yes, WIDE has a team devoted exclusively to the edition of files that are sent to us, however, it is necessary to highlight that we do not create files from scratch, it is necessary that the customer send us the editable file to deliver a version exactly equal to the original file.

Do you really have translators specialized in each subject to carry out technical translations?

Yes, we are specialized in technical translations, so our technical translators are experts in the subjects to which they have been assigned.

Is there a difference between translation and interpreting?

Yes, they are different things. Translation consists of transmit (exactly with the same meaning) a (written) text to another language. On the other hand, interpreting consists of transmitting a speech (or form of communication) to another language.

Can the interpreting be carried out by someone who translates a written text?

It depends, there are translators able to carry out interpreting, and however, both situations require different skills and training.

How many interpreters do I need for my event?

The number of interpreters is calculated according to the scale of the event and the workload. We usually recommend only one interpreter for up to 3 hours of event, this provides a good service.

Do you have interpreting equipment?

Yes, we have the equipment and the technical staff, responsible for providing services in small meetings and even large events. It is important to stress that, without the correct equipment, interpreters cannot do their job, but we guarantee that we have the best equipment and staff support to provide services even in large events.

Do interpreters need access to the event material? If so, why?

Yes, because access to the event material allows the interpreters to study and prepare for your event.

We know that unforeseen events and speeches can change at the last moment and our professionals are trained for unforeseen events, however, in order to offer a quality service of the highest level to the organizers and audience (visitors/guests) of the event, we always suggest that as many of the materials as possible are available to the interpreters.