As a company specialized in Technical Translations, WIDE has many successful cases in different industry segments.

Medical Translation Services

WIDE Technical Translations takes all necessary care translating medical documents. In general, medical documents are complex, and WIDE selects the best medical translators to offer the best services in the market.

The technical standards vary depending on the country, and much caution is required from the translator to offer an understandable content which specifies the message intensity of the original document, so that it is valid in other countries, and is a challenge even for the oldest professionals and specialists in this area.

We ensure a quality service because we have extreme care choosing our medical translators, who perfectly understand the terms and can convey their correct meaning, as well as identify possible terms that may be present in the documents.

WIDE Technical Translations also offers the best professionals for technical translations in the pharmaceutical and veterinary fields.

Industrial Translation Services

With the progress of technology and its innovations that happen all the time, WIDE Technical Translations has identified in the customers of this segment the constant need to update and translate different materials, as every day new products are developed and all products contain explanatory materials, all companies which aim to expand to other countries choose quality and professional translations.

In this competitive and fast-moving industry, that customer need a fast-delivery and high quality translations and with a translation capacity of more than 30 languages, WIDE is proud to offer excellent industry experts.

We have consistently fulfilled all the linguistic and technical requirements of our customers. Furthermore, to better understand and adapt to the customer's style, WIDE Technical Translations offers linguistic adequacy so that the message is transmitted in the correct way.

Marketing Translation Services

In general, all markets are increasing their competition fiercely, so companies need to be a step ahead of their competitors, with advantages that promote products or services.

Here at WIDE, we have an extensive list of translators specializing in marketing translation services. We have many professionals available for this area, due to the existence of terms that may vary according to the language used, thus, it is always important to stress that we work with technical translators, who have great knowledge about the areas in which they work.

All our translators are specialists trained for this area and type of translation, ensuring that the translations performed are accurate and consistent across all projects.

We believe it is important to always make it clear that we have an extremely strict secrecy policy and we take confidentiality very seriously. All files entrusted to our team remain confidential and protected from any situation that threatens to breach confidentiality.

Financial Translation Services

As a sensitive area that requires extreme caution and accuracy when researching information, the attention of WIDE Technical Translations is higher at the time of hiring and selection of professionals specialized in this sector. The attention of our translators should be especially high, since it is an area that requires precision.

All of our translators are monitored and persuaded to constantly consult new financial terminologies, being able to provide a secure and reliable service.

WIDE generally has a strict secrecy policy, and as this industry requires confidentiality, because it has sensitive information from the companies, we take extreme care with the information entrusted to us by the extreme need to keep it strictly confidential.

Legal Translation Services

WIDE Technical Translations specializes in serving companies, and for us it is extremely important that our customers are continuously satisfied with the services we offer.

The Legal language and concepts vary depending on the country and require our expert legal translators to be extremely careful, however, our experts have the skills to recognize and apply these variations.

Business Translation Services

The market is getting more and more competitive, and this competition generates professional needs in a challenging environment, where the purpose is the growth and development of your company.

Multiculturalism and multilingualism are currently basic needs in a market that expands daily. The dream of every entrepreneur is to make its company known worldwide, so the first step is to be understood outside of your country.

This need for language variation is supplied by our company with specialists of diverse languages, experts who have collected successful cases at WIDE Technical Translations.

Another important point is to remember that linguistic adequacy is necessary to avoid potential message conflicts according to the regions addressed.