Over the years, WIDE Technical Translations has achieved numerous success cases, and since its creation, the company has collected positive responses related to its services and translators.

For us, the most important factor is the satisfaction of our customers, and we are happy to have your acknowledgment, since this effort comes from a lot of dedication from our professionals.

We enjoy the quality of Wide’s work and I observe the attention to details in translating the contents, in addition to always meeting the requested deadlines, which are always tight. In short, extremely competent work. We highly recommend.

Fabiano Nunes


We are satisfied with the services provided by Wide. Very competitive pricing and deadlines. We have no complaints.

Deborah Mastrange


We like Wide’s work very much, from the negotiation with the commercial department to the services rendered by the technical department, specially the agility of the process, considering that, as you know, we always need the work to be concluded in a few days. Congratulations for delivering the work on the agreed date and time and congratulations for the services provided. Great quality!

John Winter


Wide met our demands promptly and quickly, with a team always willing to adapt to our needs and attend to our urgencies. The final material quality is one of the best among other companies we have worked with!

Amanda Silva


The partnership with Wide is very important to us, we always need solutions to serve our clients. With Wide, we can be sure that all the projects we be delivered within the deadline with the highest quality. I believe that the care in the customer support that they have with us is crucial for the success of our work.

Lamartine Santana


Wide Traduções has been a great partner of ours, providing an efficient service, with fast delivery deadlines and very affordable costs for the demands we have. We work with import and tax reduction projects and these points are very relevant to us.

Marcelo Benvenuti


I am very happy with the partnership with Wide Traduções. A serious company that delivers within the agreed deadlines to its customers. Serious and dedicated work.

Andreia Godoi


Services provided were very good, and the equipment used fully met our needs. Assembly technicians and interpreters were punctual and attentive. Very good service.

Rose Matos


We considered the service is excellent, and we had no problem regarding equipment assembly, as well as with the service performed. We were very satisfied with the event outcome, and we recommend the services offered by Wide!

Jade Vanzo


Liability, Accuracy, Flexibility, Partnership, Excellence in communication and customer relation, Cost-effective.

Taisy Faccion