WIDE Technical Translations is committed to choose highly qualified professionals to occupy positions within the company, so each of our translators and proofreaders undergo several tests, proving their experience in the position, and each potential translator is also analyzed by an expert.

Our translators have been approved in all of the evaluation tests and are constantly monitored to ensure that all of our projects are delivered according to the customer’s requests.

After some tests, our translators become part of our team, always monitored, since the beginning of their work up until the moment they are no longer part of our team.

Here at WIDE, it is essential to have high quality translators and revisers who can provide excellence in the translations performed, exceeding the expectations of our customers.

The performance of each translator is constantly evaluated, and we always give for feedback to improve the future work that the translators will carry out, and each of the production stages of a project is evaluated so that the services of WIDE Technical Translations are always improved.


In WIDE Technical Translations, we value each of the processes that involve translation.

We always follow a step by step after approving the material and this is done as follows:

Evaluation of the specific terminology and complexity of the contents;

We evaluate the number of words, industry specific terminologies and the complexity of the material, so that the translation is carried out according to the requests of our customers, however, it is important to say that before the file approval we also need to assess the contents, because this facilitates to identify the level of complexity and the number of words, resulting in a precise budget.

Translation carried out by a technical specialist;

All our professionals are technicians in specific fields, and this ensures a thorough assessment regarding the complexity of the files. We have a complete team of professionals for each specific field. Our hiring process is made with great care and we make sure that each one of our employees has the skills corresponding to the quality that we offer to our consumers.

Revision and standardization of terms;

Every company has its terminology, and to follow standards and norms, the files that are entrusted to us pass twice by rigorous revisions so that we can identify possible errors or terms different from those requested, always remembering that we assess and standardize the files according to our customer’s requests.

File Editing of the material according to the original document;

When we send a file for translation, the customer makes sure that the translation is exactly the same as the original, so we guarantee the best professionals to edit (diagram) files. However, we would like to state that we do not create files from scratch, and if the customer really wants the file according to the original, he should make send the original editable file to us, so that we can edit the translation leaving it identical to the original one.

Final revision of the translated file and delivery to the customer;

As mentioned before, all materials entrusted to WIDE undergo two revisions to avoid problems with translation or file editing, our professionals have total respect and caution when dealing with files of the customers; for this reason, we are careful to review the texts, avoiding inconveniences for those who entrusted us with the files.

After the entire process is finished, our professionals in the area of customer care within the company contact the customer so that the file can be delivered.

We are committed to deliver quality and preserve relationships, and for this reason, WIDE provide full assistance after delivering the material. If new adaptations or revisions are required, we are fully available to address and solve any queries our customers may have - prior to, during or after the process. Our team will always deliver a feedback with our opinion about the term (s), and the possible correction that you, the customer, wish to apply. We are always open to improving our quality and our processes are constantly developing to guarantee the best technologies and knowledge available in the translation market for your projects.